Festival Planning

The Festival is organised by a Community Interest Company (company no. 8055399). Membership is free and open to anyone with an interest in making a great annual festival for the whole community to enjoy.

The organisation holds an Annual General Meeting from which a board of directors is elected. This usually comprises members who have been involved in previous festivals. The board’s function is primarily: to ensure the festival is organised safely and within the aims and ethics of the organisation; to raise and spend funds; to appoint advisory committees (i.e. planning groups and roles); and to generally pursue all other functions to achieve our objectives.

Of course, the management group are not the only people who actually organise the festival. Planning is carried out by a large team of volunteers, who take on roles from stalls administration, area coordination, music stage organisation, site management, steward recruitment, website maintenance, publicity etc. Planning teams meet throughout the year.

Decisions are made collectively and the diverse range of people who help organise the festival means that a lot of different ideas get thrown into the pot. We aim to be always inclusive and open to any suggestions and ideas.