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Sarah D. Kirkland


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Myrtle W. Damato


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Heart Surgery

The Many Different Types Of Heart Surgeries

Surgeries on the heart are one of the most complicated and also important surgeries that can be done by surgeons, ever. The people who study medicine have to be really careful and have to be extremely thorough when they learn how to perform these surgeries. There are a lot of machines that are actually really great at helping surgeons nowadays. Not all heart related problems require surgeries. Sometimes they can actually be addressed by administering normal medicine and even causing some changes to your lifestyle and also by changing some dietary habits. For example, a catheter ablation makes use of energy to make a tiny scar in the heart tissue to make sure that there are no abnormal electrical signals moving through the heart. Coronary angioplasty is known to be a minimally invasive procedure where a stent is used into the narrowed or even blocked coronary artery in order to hold it open properly.

Nonetheless, surgery is actually needed to address some issues like the failure of the heart, a buildup of plaque which actually affects the flow of blood and also issues which affect the blood vessels. There are actually many different kinds of heart surgeries that you should know about, here are a few of them.

Coronary artery bypass

  • Coronary artery bypass (CABG) is also one of the most common type of heart surgeries that is conducted as the surgeon takes a healthy artery or even a vein from somewhere else in your body and then connects it to supply blood past the blocked artery. This grafted artery or even vein would bypass the entire blocked portion of the artery, which would actually create a new path for the blood to flow properly.
  • The repair of the heart valve or even replacement is also a surgery that surgeons will have to do. Surgeons will either repair the valve, or they will probably replace it with an artificial valve or even with a biological valve which is made from the heart tissue of a pig, cow or human heart. The repair option is to actually insert a catheter through the large blood vessel and then guide it to the heart.
  • The insertion of a pacemaker is also incredibly common. Medicine is, indeed, the first treatment option when it comes to arrhythmia. This is the condition that makes the heart beat really fast or really slow with a rhythm that is indeed irregular. If the medicine does not work, a surgeon will have to be inserting a pacemaker under the skin of the chest with some wires that actually connect to the chambers of the heart. This device actually uses electrical pulses to control the rhythm of the heart.
Good Health

Tips On Maintaining Good Health

Good health is like an armour that everyone wants but refuse to work for it. Laziness and procrastination are terms that are identical to humans, as they might not leave the couch to go out for a walk. In most scenarios, the only thing that stands between you and good health is you. Your health will manoeuvre around all the kind of habits that you are involved with, and that also decides the terms of existence. But it is never too late to start, and we are here to help you out. So, here are some tips on maintaining good health.



You would have heard this over a million times in your life. So, we are going to tell it again. The most important part about being healthy requires you to be hydrated. Drinking plenty of water daily is the essential factor that you need to do. Hydration is ideal because you tend to lose a lot of water from your system due to sweat and urine. Water not only replenishes your body but also makes all your system function in the right manner and you will not be facing any problems like kidney stones and so on.

The Right Diet

Our lifestyles dictate the kind of food that we consume, and at times we tend to eat unhealthy stuff. This habit of your needs to change, as no good will ever come from the process. Once you change such habits, you need to incorporate the concept of eating right, and that includes maintaining a diet. The right kind of diet will consist of plenty of fruits and vegetables are they are essential. Vitamins and proteins are another form of requirement, and they will help in taking you far away from the hospital. But the most important part about a diet is following, and people fail to do so. Hence, it is time for you to stop being lazy and adhere to a proper schedule.


The Importance of Exercise

Physical exercise is also essential, and that goes without saying. People who exercise daily are less prone to diseases and various other health disorders. But if you wish to start exercising, then you also need to know that exercise and diet needs to go hand in hand. Both these processes compliment each other, and you need to follow it.

Questionable Habits

At this stage, you know what we are talking about, and if you are involved with any habit that hinders your health, then you need to learn how to quit. Giving up on a particular habit might be heard but trying makes the difference. If you refuse to try and sit back, you will be leaving your life into a world of pain.



Mistakes After Surgery That Slow Down Your Recovery

Mistakes are a part of life, but if they come with a sign of caution, then you need to pay attention. Unlike accounting errors and various other mistakes, things that slow down your rate of recovery are not the kind of errors that you need to be making. They come with a lot of health hazards, and you will be left in a state that you do not want to be in. So, if you are someone who recently came out of surgery, then you need to sit in bed and keep reading.

Not Listening to the Doctors

Every surgeon or doctor provides you with a list of things that you should do and a list of things that you shouldn’t. This piece of information is not something that you need to ignore since it values prime importance. If you tangle around the list and bring things to a halt, then there are high chances that you might be entering into another form of surgery. So, because you do not want that to happen, please listen to what the doctor has to say.


Not Being in Bed

The doctor would have also told you all about the amount of time that you need to remain in bed. This period is essential because your body needs to heal in order to enter normalcy. If you skip this and tend to involve yourself into a bunch of activities, then you won’t be recovering anytime soon. Certain surgeries are delicate and require some time to be functional. Hence, you need to give this time for yourself, since it is for your own good.

Lack of Medication

Medicines are provided based on the kind of surgery you’ve been through, and that dictates the kind of things you will be consuming. At all cases, having this medicine on time and in correct proportion is highly important for your process of healing.


Being On Your Own

Being independent is another concept, although because here you are not a doctor. So, you require help, and you need to step out to get it. After your surgery, there might be times where the pain increases and the medications are not doing anything to prevent it. These are moments that indicate and highlight the importance of going back to the doctor. He/she will know how to treat you and will make things less painful.

Not Eating and Drinking

If you are consuming medications, then your body requires strength, and that means you need to be eating and drinking according to the required amount. Food and water are essential things, and you should not be skipping them at all times. Hence, maintain and follow these suggestions for a better recovery.

newcastle green fest

Thank you for an amazing festival

Eight months ago, I joined a group of people to help organise the Newcastle Community Green Festival. We all volunteered our time freely to deliver this popular event to the lovely people of Newcastle.  It is like no other festival; entry and entertainment are free, plus you get the opportunity to meet some amazing people from organisations making a positive difference locally, nationally and internationally.

The festival relies on the work of a fantastic team of volunteers who appear every year to turn the idea into a physical reality, then back into a memory in just four days.  You know who you are, so thank you for being absolutely super-amazing! When we found ourselves short on resources, there were people willing to help out as much as they could. On this note, I really have to mention our headline sponsors Medicine Direct and the very nice people at the Cumberland Arms  and Sustrans; without your help, the festival would not have been as brilliant as it was.

This year, over 40 organisations had a presence at the festival, all of which are making a positive difference in our city and around the globe. They provided information, assistance, and opportunities to get involved and make a difference. To this end, we would like to thank:

Greenpeace, People and Planet, Academy of Music & Sound Gateshead, The Conversation Group &The Canny Little Library @ Star & Shadow, North Tyneside Friends of the Earth, Youth Focus: North East, Natural History Society of Northumbria, The RSPB, Newcastle upon Tyne Unitarians‏, Samaritans of Tyneside, Positive Money, Foster Cares Ltd, Transmission Meditation Network UK, Sea Shepherd, Food Newcastle, Narec Distributed Energy, North East Organic Growers, Institute of Physics, Newcastle Cycling Campaign, N E England Green Party, Friends of Leazes Park, Sustrans, International Voluntary Service, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, Freedom From Torture, Newcastle WEA, School of Marine Science and Technology, North East Humanists, Institution of Civil Engineers, Recyke y’bike, The Co-operative, Tyneside Outdoors, Making Winter Warmer, Co-wheels Car Club, Success4All, Newcastle City Council, Woodcraft Folk, Newcastle Countryside & Park Rangers, North East Baha’I’s, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Children North East and Sensory Spaces.

These organisations are brilliant and are the reason why we put all this work into making the Green Festival happen every year. See you all in 2020!

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